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Fortnite Descrição

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Fortnite is a massive 100 player battle royale where players are able to build structures, collect weapons from the ground and engage in combat with each other until only one player is left. Here are some tips below on how to become better at Fortnite and hopefully survive until you are the winner winner, chicken dinner!

1) Choose an isolated starting point

The most important factor to surviving at the start is to avoid other players until you are able to find a suitable weapon. While structures have a lot of loot available, there is always a lot more players to fight. At the beginning, you should try to find a safe isolated spot first when landing and then find a weapon.

2) Make Use of the Surroundings

Its always better to stay in cover and ensure you are not exposed to other players. Make use of bushes etc and try not to get caught out in the open.

3) Cover your tracks

When you enter a building, you need to close the door so that it is not 100% obvious to other players an opponent is around.

4) Use headphones

Headphones allow you to tell which direction the enemy is approaching from. Try using them if possible.

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